Martial Arts for Kids, Youth and Adults, learn self defence, get fit, have fun and make new friends!

Adults Zen Do Kai

Adults Freestyle Martial Arts (Zen Do Kai)

Monday, Wednesday 7 – 8pm

We run our Adults classes for youth and adults (usually ages 13 and up).

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Our Zen Do Kai freestyle Martial Art classes focus on effective self defence techniques to best equip the student in any scenario, striking, restraints, takedowns, multiple attackers, weaponry, ground defence. These skills are taken from various martial arts styles including Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Aikido, Judo, Jui- jitsu, Kali Escrima.  More than just the physical, activ8 classes help to equip you with the knowledge to avoid conflict, and to develop social and environmental awareness.







These physical skills are balanced through the practice of Kata (forms) which promote mental strength through breathing and meditation, correct posture, focus and stance while developing an acute environmental awareness over time and practice. 

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These classes are suitable for beginners with no experience through to advanced.
We cater to all skill levels and ability’s and stress that you ‘…only train at your own level and ability…’

ZDK 40th Anniversary grading

ZDK 40th Anniversary grading -2010