Martial Arts for Kids, Youth and Adults, learn self defence, get fit, have fun and make new friends!

Kids Karate

Monday & Wednesday nights 6 – 7pm (Ages 5-13)

activ8 martial arts canberra kids karate

Our program utilises martial arts techniques, incentive rewards, co-ordination drills, games and team activities to develop positive life skills. Kids Karate is a great way to get active, make new friends and have loads of fun, but most of all give your child the necessary life skills to succeed, develop and grow into a responsible adult. Through our structured sessions your child will gain self confidence and learn respect. Our classes are conducted in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. We teach students firstly how to avoid conflict, and recognise potential threatening situations in a non-violent, responsible and confident manner. By gaining confidence, students are more likely to be able to deal with life’s tricky situations. There is an emphasis on ‘anti bullying’ and defensive techniques specifically adapted for children. activ8 martial arts classes will directly benefit and impact positively on your child as the skills they acquire through training will assist them in all stages throughout their life. We train and teach with safety first and foremost.

Incentive Programs

We have implemented two main incentive programs for the kids classes. Achievement Merit badges for acknowledging technical ability, such as a great front kick or a fantastic push up technique. The Silver Belt award in recognition for fantastic effort, sportsmanship or enthusiasm. Kids all learn and develop at their own pace, and learning depends on a variety of factors, such as age, coordination and attendance we acknowledge both physical and attitudinal improvement.

The three L’s

The three ‘L’s’ is our class motto (along with ‘Safety First!’) We teach our students to Look, Listen and Learn in class. Look at the instructor first, give them full attention when are teaching, then listen to instruction, and then learn by doing. This is the basis of how the students learn and progress.

The three L’s lead into the three A’s which is how we determine when a student is ready for the next challenge.

The three A’s

Often we are asked ‘When will my child grade to the next belt?’. The simple answer is this;

We have three requirements for grading;

Attendance, Attitude & Action

These are the three criterion we use to asses when a student is ready to grade.

‘Attendance’ means they need to have satisfied the attendance requirement for their current level. As students go up the ranks the number of classes needed increases in line with the more complex techniques they are required to learn.

‘Attitude’ means students have to have the right attitude, show respect, demonstrate an interest in learning, be accepting and supportive of their peers and generally conduct themselves in a polite and courteous manner. Their eagerness and willingness to engage in the activities in class, their keenness to try a new technique, and generally get involved.

‘Action’ describes the physical. technical ability.


Grading are not automatic. The student must earn the right to grade by demonstrating the three ‘A’s’. Then they will receive a formal written invitation in front of the class. Most students accept the challenge and make small improvements each lesson towards their goal. This is a key life lesson, to not lose focus, keep your eye on the prize and understand that if you want something enough and just keep going, however slowly, it will come your way…

‘It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you keep going!’

‘Buddy’ System

We have in place a ‘Buddy’ system for the new students coming in to class for the first time. This is when we assign a buddy to the new student so they can feel safe and know what to do. This is a reciprocal learning arrangement, great for the new student to feel at ease and great for the ‘buddy’s’ confidence and comradeship.